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I decided to take a different route than the usual travel (and lifestyle) blog. I haven’t left on some big gap year around Europe or left everything behind to go nomadic (yet?). I’m just a 20 year old girl that has always had huge, various dreams (from wanting to be a doctor in psychology at one point to wanting to be a songwriter) and a lot of passions, a couple of big ones being writing and traveling. My goal right now is to to see as much of the world as possible while juggling the life of the average young adult – being a part time retail worker and full time college student. Once I graduate, I plan to make traveling an even bigger part of my life and I’m going to document my entire journey from occasional traveler to full time world explorer and everything in between. Along with doing this, I hope to pass on helpful information, give tips for all kinds of travel from sea to sky, share some personal bits and pieces of my every day life (that’s where “lifestyle” comes in), and have some great adventures and stories to tell. So there you have it, the purpose of this website.

As for me, I was born in the small, beautiful island of Puerto Rico and currently reside in a town just outside of Orlando, Florida. Here’s where I’ve been and where I’m going soon. Besides traveling and writing, I love all kinds of animals, horror movies that are actually scary, concerts, most food, weird New Age/supernatural stuff, photography, tattoos, and books when I actually get around to reading them. I’m a very indecisive person who has changed career goals more times than I can count. I majored in English my first year of college, then went to General Studies when I transferred colleges, almost majored in psychology, but now I’m in the process of finding out if I can do veterinary technology while doing English again. I work in customer service at the moment. I’m still figuring a lot of stuff out when it comes to myself and my life, as everyone else is. All I know for sure is that I want to see the whole world, always have pets, and be happy with who and where I am eventually.