3 Excellent Indoor Winter Activities for Kids

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During the colder, wetter winter months it can be difficult to know what to do with your kids. There is less daylight, and they can’t go outside for too long before they get cold or wet. This means that keeping them entertained can be a bit tricky. It doesn’t need to be so difficult though as this list should help to describe.

Arts and Crafts
Making things is fun. Plain and simple. Depending on the age of your children you’ll want to alter the complexity and type of arts and craft activity you choose. However, as long as you have the tools and other items you can pretty much let the loose to make whatever they want. This can be a nice break for adults, or they can get involved and make something, too. Especially if you have a project in mind. Such projects could include decorating a photo frame with various buttons (which makes a great present for someone as well), making origami boxes or making artwork from rolled up bits of paper. All of these are great fun and are sure to keep your kids occupied for a long time. You can even do a different project every day, so it is hard for them to get bored.

Karaoke might seem like a strange choice, but if they love to sing or music in general, then it is perfect. You should do some research into the best karaoke machine for kids, but once you have one, then it should play all their favourite songs. Adults can even get involved and sing along, too. Karaoke machines work great for small groups of kids as well since everyone can sing along to each song, or you can get just a couple of children singing along to their favourite tunes. A karaoke machine makes a great gift and could be the answer to your troubles finding things to keep your kids entertained this winter and what to get them for Christmas at the same time.

Board Games
Board games come in many shapes and sizes and are seeing a resurgence at the moment. There are now more board game than ever before, and you can get one to fit any age range. They don’t need to just be Monopoly and Clue, and even adults can enjoy board game suitable for children. Ticket to Ride is one such example. And while you might think a train game doesn’t sound all that compelling, Ticket to Ride will prove you wrong. Players will take turns to collect colored sets of cards and lay down rails on the board. Players are competing to achieve specific goals, build the longest line and gather the largest number of points. Ticket to Ride also has a lot of different versions meaning you can play on boards in countries around the world. There is even a junior version for younger children as the normal game is recommended for 8 years plus. Ticket to Ride is fun for both adults and children alike and is a great way to enjoy those cold, winter months.

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