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This is the Secret to Traveling More Often

Being able to travel regularly is a privilege that not everybody has. It would be great if we could all jet off around the world whenever we wanted to but, unfortunately, you’ve got to pay for it. When you add up the costs of flights, accommodation, and spending money, you end up needing a lot of money. Spending money and the cost of accommodation can both be reduced fairly easily if you’re willing to stay somewhere a little more basic and just enjoy the free attractions that the country has to offer. Getting cheap flights is a little trickier, but it isn’t impossible. Flights are usually your biggest expense, especially if you’re going further afield, so cutting the costs of them is key to being able to travel more often. If you’re still struggling to afford your next adventure, try out some of these methods for slashing the price of flights.

Minimize Luggage


When you’re looking for flights online, the airlines are pretty sneaky. The price will come up and you’ll think you’ve found a great deal. It’s way cheaper than you thought it’d be until you actually go to book it that is. That’s when all of the extra charges start popping up and you realize that the real price is nothing like the one that enticed you in the first place. Extra luggage charges are a favorite of airlines and they can be pretty steep. Usually, you get free hand luggage but that’s not enough to take everything you need for one trip. Any suitcases that you take are going to be extra money on top of the ticket price. If you can limit it to one suitcase you’ll save so much money. People often end up taking more bags so they can separate toiletries from their clothes and other bits in case of spillages but you can easily solve that problem and get it all in one bag if you use packing cubes. They’re small bags that you can use to create a lot of subsections in your larger case so you can get everything in there together without worrying about it. You also need to be ruthless when it comes to choosing what to take. Only pack what you’ll actually need to use when you’re out there and think about what you can buy when you get there.


Direct flights are almost always more expensive, and usually by quite a lot. People are often put off layovers because it’s going to take far longer but it’s worth the sacrifice for reduced fare. It also gives you the opportunity to fit another city into your trip which you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to visit. It’s only a brief stop but it’s still another place to add to the list.

Go in Winter


It’s no secret that flights are more expensive during the summer, especially when kids are off school. Most people prefer to go when the weather is better of course, but if you can’t afford it, why not consider going in winter? The prices will be slashed and you get a different experience in a country during winter that most people don’t get.
You’ll have to make a few sacrifices to get cheaper flights but if you want to travel more regularly, it’s worth it.

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