The Best Cities to Study in Away from Home

Going to university is an exciting time in any student’s life full of new opportunity and promise, despite the possible debt and homesickness you might experience. It’s clear that the pros generally outweigh the cons though, as you’re more likely to land a job you love by showing you’ve completed an entire length course in it. But what if you’re unsatisfied with the opportunities at home? Where can you go away to to find the best college places? Combine travel and studying in one fell swoop.Here’s a few recommendations of universities around the world that have the best study chances.

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Canada is a gorgeous place, so you know eyesores won’t be a part of your quintessential student experience. Brilliant views, many different languages surrounding you…there’s so much to see and take part in if you decide to study in Montreal. Oh and of course the universities themselves: the McGill University is situated here, and is a good idea for anyone interested in the sciences. Montreal is also incredibly nice in terms of its people as well, so if you’re anxious about not being able to find friends or trying to fit in in a Western centre, heading to Montreal can soothe some of these worries.
London is one of the top places in Europe, and also has a lot of student accommodation outside of residence halls. You’re more likely to be able to book a homestay in London than anywhere else, but these places can be quickly snapped up because of the sought after quality! As an international student, you’ll able to find cheaper student tuition here than anyone who actually lives there, which is just another bonus to the already brilliant location. There’s so much history and a mixing pot of culture, so you’re promised a lot of bang for your buck.
Heading to Seoul to do your studying is your greatest bet at guaranteeing you a job after you’ve finished your degree. If you’re the type of person who thrives off a social life and always wants energy around you, Seoul has that down to an art. Seoul National University is on the top spot when it comes to the astounding 18 universities there are in the capital, which seems slightly over the top, but it means you’re never far from student life.
If you’re studying something to do with European art or culture, than Vienna might be a great fit for you. Vienna has two top ranking universities to its name, and also has some of the lowest tuition fees in the world. Vienna is a great place for music students, with artists like Beethoven and Mozart on full display. There’s a smaller amount of university variety, but that just means everyone is closer to each other!
Choosing to study away from home, or even your country, is a big step and not taken lightly. But now you can see it has a lot more pros than it does cons!

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