Why You Should Travel In Your 20’s

There’s no better time to see the world than when you’re young enough to have nothing set in stone, but old enough to have freedom: your 20’s. I’m still very new to this stage of life (20 and a half), but there’s nothing I want more than to go on road trips, catch flights, cruise the ocean, anything that will get me somewhere new. Why wait? Here are a few reasons you should take advantage of this time in your life and travel as much as you can:

You Don’t Have (Many) Expenses

I’m not going to be unrealistic here, of course you have expenses. We all do. The thing is, while you’re in your 20’s you more than likely don’t have a mortgage, that many bills, or any of the huge expenses that tend to come later on in your more stable adult life. It’s easier at this point in your life than ever to cut out some of the things you don’t need sometimes (that new tattoo, expensive clothing, night out with friends, the list goes on) and instead put that extra money into your savings. Do this every paycheck and watch your savings grow until you have enough for that well deserved vacation! Every little bit counts.

You Don’t Have Any (Huge) Responsibilities

Once again, obviously you have responsibilities. You may be in college or have a job or both, but if you haven’t started a family or a career that you see yourself in for a long time, then you really don’t have anything big and permanent to hold you back. There are always breaks from your classes, chances to study abroad, vacations from work, or new jobs waiting for you. You don’t have to be gone for years or even months to travel. Odds are, nothing is completely stopping you from traveling to the point that it’s impossible while you’re in your 20’s. People tend to make excuses out of fear of the unknown, it’s only natural, but don’t buy into these excuses when there’s always a way around them!

It’s Way Cheaper For You

At this point of your life, you don’t have to stay in a luxury hotel or take a quick and easy taxi ride everywhere. In fact, you might even prefer not to! Hostels are so much cheaper than hotels it’s unbelievable and while you’re in your 20’s you most likely won’t mind staying in a room with other travelers around your age or walking around a new city until your feet ache. It’s all about the adventure, which ends up saving you a lot of money during your trip.

You Can Party and Not Regret It

Face it, once you get older you’ll barely be able to stay up past 10 pm, you won’t be able to drink a lot without feeling like death the next day, and you might even have kids or a day job to get up to in the morning. Not exactly the most ideal time to party. When you’re still young, you can make the most of traveling and experience the night life in all kinds of different places with no regrets!

You Can Make Friends From All Over The World

The more you travel, the more people you’ll meet and the more friends you’ll make. This means making connections with people from literally all over the globe! It’s great in general to have new people to talk to and discover more about other cultures through them and this can also make for a possible place to stay on your next trip to their hometown. If you’re traveling while you’re older or with family, you’ll probably find that you and other people your age would rather keep to themselves than get to know other travelers. This is why your 20’s are the best time to make friends abroad.

It Looks Good On Your Resume 

One thing not many people know is that traveling actually looks great on your resume! Potential employers can learn a lot about you from knowing that you’re well traveled. This means that you’re not afraid to make decisions for yourself, you’re organized enough to plan and go through with these trips, and you’ve been exposed to other cultures and different types of people. You’re up for a challenge and odds are, you’re great at communicating since communicating with other people (sometimes even with a language barrier) for help during your travels is a must. Bonus points if you picked up another language during one of your adventures. Employers love all of these things and odds are if it came down to you and someone else with the same qualifications, but they don’t have much travel experience, they would choose you for the job.

You’ll Have Stories To Tell

Honestly, what will you remember more? Spending your 20’s stressing out over the future and constantly having every move you make focus on it or the first time you decided to go backpacking across Europe? When you’re catching up with old friends, will you brag about sitting in a cubicle all day or about your first time seeing the Great Wall of China? Traveling, especially during your young adult years, will give you so many incredible stories to share. I guarantee, anytime you travel anywhere, you’ll have a story to tell. Plus, nothing is a better conversation starter than bringing up one of your trips. Do you want to be the one saying “wow, I wish I could’ve done that” or the one telling the story?

You’ll Grow As A Person

How much can you really learn about yourself if you’re stuck in the same place your entire life? There’s an infinite amount of places to see, people to meet, things to do, and foods to eat all over the world. You will never have much of an understanding of the world or yourself if you do not experience as much of these things as you can. There’s nothing like being immersed in another culture and discovering how different, yet alike, we all really are. You can read all the books and watch all of the movies you want, but you’ll never learn as much as you will by exploring for yourself. Nothing will make you grow as a person more than being exposed to the world around you. What better time to grow than during your 20’s?

Tomorrow Is Not Guaranteed

Not to be a bummer, but I’ve said it before and I will say it again: we won’t live forever.  You can tell yourself that you’ll travel when you retire or that you’ll find time for it in a few years all you want, but who’s to say you’ll make it that far? Anything can happen to any of us at any time and as cliche as it is, it’s true that tomorrow is not guaranteed and life is unpredictable. Make traveling more than just a dream. Stop telling yourself that you’ll wait until the time is “right” because odds are that the time will never feel exactly right. There’s no better day than today.

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  1. I think when you get older you will grow on things. You will start enjoying different things what you enjoyed when you were 20. You will travel, but you might travel differently. Being 20 was fun and wild, now I want different things from life but it doesn’t stop me from travelling.

    1. Yeah, I understand what you mean! Maybe I should’ve been more clear and talked about why you should START in your twenties, but I definitely believe there’s no age limit to travel 🙂